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Windows Software (2014)

Here's a regularly updated list of recommended Windows software.


Firefox > Chromium > Chrome >>> Internet Explorer

Office Suite:

Libre Office > Microsoft Office == Kingsoft Office

They're all pretty bad though. Consider switching to LaTeX.

Email Client:

They're all shit. Just use gmail or something that actually works.

Mailpile might not be shit, but it's still in alpha.

PDF Reader:

pdf.js == SumatraPDF >>> Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is nice if you like trojans and malicious scripts in your PDFs.

Music Player:

foobar2000 > AIMP3 >>> WMP

Video Player:


Use KCP instead of CCCP if your computer isn't trash and you like to watch anime.

Torrent Client:

Deluge > qBittorrent >>> uTorrent

A new torrent client undergoing heavy development right now is gTorrent.

It's shit right now, but there's a small chance that it might stop being shit in the future.