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Linux Software

Here's a quick list of recommended/neat Linux software:



  • BorgBackup - deduplicating backup tool
  • borgmatic - wrapper for BorgBackup
  • coreutils - core utilities
  • curl - network requests
  • jq - json processor
  • ncdu - disk usage analyzer
  • restic - more modern deduplicating backup tool
    • would recommend over borg nowadays
  • rsync - fast incremental file transfer
  • scrot - screenshots
  • sed - filter text
  • wget - file download
  • xargs - build + execute commands from stdin
  • xdotool - auto clicking and shit

The categories are a bit arbitrary. I didn't want to list every CLI command ever either, so just included some of the more neat ones.

Let me know if there are any areas I missed, or suggestions where my recommendations are shit, etc.